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About FoJo

Dan Foust
Dan Joseph

FoJo Beans is a veteran-owned, LGBTQ Certified, small-batch coffee roasting company in Central New York. Our roaster / café / restaurant is in downtown Hamilton, NY.

FoJo Beans’ mission is to demonstrate a continued commitment to the local food movement and the local community, to sustainable farming methods, and to ethical relationships with growers.  We purchase specialty-grade coffees from importers with firsthand knowledge that their farmers and small co-ops use growing and processing methods that are free of artificial chemicals, fairly traded, and earth-friendly.

Come visit us for mouth-watering food and delicious coffees.

Meet Dan Foust

Former US Marine

Dad and “PawPaw”

Financial Analyst / Contracts Negotiator

Square dancer

Lover of classic country music

Meet Dan Joseph

Former Preschool teacher

LOVES ham; talks too much

Media researcher

Tap dancer

Lover of musical theatre

Good Coffee
Good For The Earth

Education and oversight promote environmental sustainability at origin – where coffee is grown. Therefore, we are committed to buying beans that are “relationship coffees” or come with one or more of the following certifications:

Our Story

How did FoJo Beans come about?


Dan’s coffee life begins in college with cream, sugar, and the bottomless cup.



Dan begins his coffee journey in the USMC Quantico Marine Band. The “coffee mess” was in the Instrument Shop and Dan’s cup wasn’t washed his entire 4-year enlistment. If it was black liquid and they called it coffee, he drank it.


Now in Manhattan (NYC, not Kansas), Dan abandons the cream & sugar (and flavored syrups) and discovers a local roaster. An insulated French Press and whole beans ground just before brewing is all the impetus needed to begin his quest for the perfect cup.


Gone are the glory days of Marine shop coffee with metal shavings and jeweler’s rouge, and welcome to mediocre grocery store brands.


Coda Coffee Company in Denver, CO takes the Dans under their wing, captivating them with their intoxicating elixirs and informally teaching them about the complexities of roasting specialty coffees. They explore different varietals, blends, roasts, and brewing techniques.  Pot after pot after pot, our coffee trainers can now afford a villa in Spain!


Dan moves to Thornton, Co. and proclaims “Honey, finding a good, local coffee roaster IS more important than finding a job or a doctor!”


Dan privately admits to caring about the quality of his coffee. Publicly he maintains his assertion that “coffee is coffee.”


The Dans are living in Central New York. Coffee time and coffee talk begins in earnest. A half hour every morning is devoted to the coffee experience (more on weekends). Over the years, they toy with the idea of opening a local coffee roasting business.


Accused of drinking “kindergarten coffee,” Dan trades up to more complex beans.


Dan declares Ethiopian Yergachiffe as his current favorite coffee type.


The Dans begin formal roaster training, and with the support of our local community, FoJo Beans is born.


“It’s All About The Blend”


FoJo Beans is named 2013 Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year by the Chenango County (NY) Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for supporting FoJo Beans!


FoJo Beans is named 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Chenango County (NY) Chamber of Commerce

Learn about FoJo Beans’ coffees, sourcing philosophy, and mission in this presentation video.


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