Harried Philosopher


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Radical Roast Espresso
Four Bean Blend
Classic Italian-Styled spresso

Deep roasting specialty-grade beans goes against our PHILOSOPHY, and developing this well-balanced, complex, deep-roast, espresso blend rendered us HARRIED. Nevertheless, we pondered; we persevered; and we were victorious. Consequently, HARRIED PHILOSOPHER was born.

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2 oz. – $4.00, 1 lb. – $18.00, 5 lb. – $85.00


Coarse (French Press), Extra Coarse (cold brew), Fine (AeroPress or Keurig), Home Espresso or Moka Pot, Medium (drip brewer), Medium Coarse (Chemex), Medium Fine (single cup pourover), Whole Bean

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Harried PhilosopherHarried Philosopher
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